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Screens in the DropInCare Sage are clean and open, with defined entry boxes to help you work faster. Our screens display lots of information to keep you from having to click from screen to screen, and to make you more efficient. Our screens also use soft colors and gray backgrounds, instead of contrasting colors that can distract you.

Drop In Quick Checkin and Charge

The DropInCare Sage lets you quickly and easily sign children in, charge for any incidentals, sign them out, charge them, and collect payment. You can also charge sales tax.

Drop In Batch Checkin and Charge

The DropInCare Sage has batch functionality to let you quickly and easily sign groups of children in, charge for incidentals, sign them out, and charge them. This is very useful if you have groups of drop in children for before or after school care.

Drop In Batch Meals and Transportation

The DropInCare Sage has batch functionality to let you quickly and easily add meals, snacks, and transportation charges to accounts. You can also print out snack and meal lists, as well as transportation pick up and drop off lists.

Child and Staff Information Screen

This is the child and staff information screen. You move around the screen by clicking the desired tab in the middle of the screen. You can access different system functions by clicking the icons at the bottom of the screen. The top of the screen always displays the current contact's information regardless of which tab you select. The tabs are organized by type of information. You can move to different children and staff by clicking the person you want on the left side of the screen.

Pickup Persons Tab

This tab shows up to 4 authorized pickup persons for each child, along with their photos, contact information and comments.

Flexible Billing System

The DropInCare Sage has the most flexible billing system on the market. The 3 rate samples below show some of the flexibility in the billing system.

Basic $10 per hour rate:

Basic $10 per hour rate rounded to the next 15 minute block:

Basic $10 per hour rate for weekdays, and $12 per hour rate on the weekends.

Drop In Reservation and Room Rental

This screen lets you reserve a slot for drop in kids, as well as reserve a room for parties. The system can also show if you slots left in any rooms for a particular time.

Contact Journal Screen

This screen lets you keep a journal for each child with progress reports, incident records, and activities. You can print any/all of the information in the journal to give to parents.

Time Clock

This is the Timeclock program sign in/out screen. This screen lets parents and staff sign themselves in and out. It also shows daily center notes on the right side. Most centers install the timeclock on a separate computer that they place near the entrance or in a hallway.

Center Journal

This screen lets you keep a journal for the center including maintenance and inspection records, incidents, fire alarms, etc. You can print any/all of the information in the journal to keep on file or to use for compliance and regulations..

Center Ledger

This screen lets you track center expenses, deposits, and payments, plus it also includes a bank account register. The DropInCare Sage can track your center's finances, create profit/loss and income statements, and print checks. You can also print expense reports grouped by date or type complete with totals.

Report Menu

This is the central report menu screen. From this screen, you can print accounting reports that show balances, receivables and payables, center income, childcare payments received and staff payments paid. You can run forecasting reports to tell you how much income you will receive for any future period. You can also run batch billing reports to print childcare bills and staff paysheets for selected groups, classes, or all children and staff.

Account Balance Report with Last Payment

This report shows all current account balances and the last payment made to the account.

Drop In Setup

The DropInCare Sage is the most flexible and customizable drop in center management system on the market. You can completely set up drop in discounts, coupons, sales taxes, time rounding, and much more.

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