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DropInCare Sage Version History

We developed our first childcare management software system for one of our corporate clients in 2000. In 2002, we released the first ChildCare Sage which was based on the system that we developed. In 2010, we released the first DropInCare Sage. Over the years, we have added many new innovative features into our software that have made it the most comprehensive and functional system on the market. Our goal is for our software to help centers be more productive and profitable. All of the functionality that we add into our software is designed to meet those goals. We have also strived to keep our software affordable so that all centers can benefit from using the DropInCare Sage.

The chart below has screenshots for the various versions and also the main features that were added for that version. Each new version contains many small improvements that are not listed.

v17.3 (4/14/2017)

New DropInEasy screen to process children
New QuickRegister screen to register drop-in children
New Menu Planning and Production functionality with new tiers, separate tier portion sizes, production container sizes, etc
Revised Employee Benefit functionality with anniversary date and simplified annual start hours
New Smart TimeClock Link that works stand alone and doesn't require any functionality from the ChildCare Sage
New TimeClock Online Backup

v14.11e (5/15/2015)
(Contact Information screen similar to v14.11)

New Username and Password Sign In with permission levels and void functionality
New Charges and Payments Lockdown feature
New Custom FTP Backup function
New Bank Deposit and Payments Reports

v14.11 (10/27/2014)

New Real Time Timeclock that is built into the batch drop in screen and lets parents/staff sign themselved in/out with beep balance alerts
New Billing Rate Options that include minimum and threshold rounding
New 3rd Daily Drink/Snack/Meal option
New Bus Run Lists that separate children by schools and schedules
New Invoice/Payment Receivables Tracking that adds invoice/payment accounting functionality to the running balance system
New Ad-Hoc Scheduling Functionality that works perfectly for scheduling part time employees with varying schedules, and for scheduling children whose parents are on call
New TimeClock Common ID System that links children in the timeclock by either the same pickup id or by sibling

v14.4 (4/25/2014)
(Contact Information screen similar to v13.6)

New Schedule of Charges global rates for quicker account setup and more flexible global rate changes
New Chart of Schedules global schedules for quicker account setup and more flexible global schedule changes
New Center Ledger combines center expenses and bank account register into 1 easy screen plus adds multiple bank account tracking, location ledgers, and vendor check writing
New Drop In Prepay Functionality lets parents prepay for care when they are dropping off their children (charges are based on reserved time, or scheduled pickup time)
New Windows Tablet Timeclock specifically designed to take advantage of 8" windows tablets
New Backup Viewer to look up deleted and changed accounts in backups

v13.6 (7/30/2013)

New Billing Rates including sliding weekly charges, differential schedule billing, and more
New Add/Copy Screen that automatically creates and links siblings, payees, etc
Improved Drop In Reservation Functionality including standing and drop in reservations, change/cancel reservations and charge for missed reservations
New Drop In Food/Transportation Functionality including meal and transportation lists
New Timeclock Drop In Functionality that lets parents sign their child in/out via the timeclock and select pickup times

v12.12 (1/11/2013)

Online Backup
Redesigned Payroll Section
Redesigned Contact Report
New Accounting Integration Reports including Bank Deposit Reconciliation and Payroll Hours Summary
New Timeclock Functionality including Auto Confirmation Message, Batch Editors, Enhanced Universal Signout screen, etc
New Schedule Charts that combine class attendance with names and staffing

v11.4 (4/25/2011)

New Drop In Functions including charging taxes, room reservations, enhanced quick check in and processing, and more
New Billing Rate Styles including bill to schedule and more variations for payee billing
Bank Account Register tracks bank account balances
New Billing Rate Styles including bill to schedule and more variations for payee billing
Batch Schedule Entry table format for entering weekly schedules that change often
Expanded Range of Sign In Sheets including monthly sign in sheets and new variations on daily and weekly sign in sheets

v10.12 (12/10/2010)
(Contact Information screen similar to v10.4)

Batch Meal Entry for quick recording / editing / reconciling center meal records
Enhanced Meal Reports including monthly meal counts, and new meal by letter reports
Batch Drop In Functionality that allows quick logging, processing, and charging drop in children all from 1 screen
Simplified Menus and more automatic system setup functions

v10.4 (5/12/2010)

Contact Selector on child screen
Improved Income Forecasting Tool allows forecasting of income for any date period by day/week/month/year
State Paid Absences billing rate style allows the system to automatically calculate state reimbursements for paid absences
Improved Child and Center List Reports
Complete Payroll Tax Withholding and Check Printing that allows user tax table updating, and supports most elective deductions including 401k, Health Insurance, etc
Child Quick Bill charges individual family accounts directly

v9.8 (9/22/2009)


Class Activities Planner
Global Rate Discounts such as sibling, employee, membership, etc, that follow the child and apply to any selected rates
Redesigned Drop Off Billing System allows unlimited drop off rates and discounts for siblings at the center at the same time
Drop Off Scheduling System allows separate ad-hoc scheduling by time and class
Redesigned EFT Integration allows multiple eft accounts per family and the ability to switch accounts being charged
Early/Late Payment System
Waitlist Aging Report shows open class slots for waitlist children based on the current age
New Timeclock Link simplifies non-networked timeclocks and allows multiple non-networked timeclock timesheets to be combined

v9.1 (1/29/2009)
(Contact Information screen similar to v7.2)

Child Journal with daily log and event planner and tracker
Redesigned Rate System allows unlimited rates per account each with start and end dates, charge labels, discounts, and selectable days and hours that the rates apply
Redesigned Batch Screens make batch payments and timesheet entry much faster
Expansion of User Fields to 12 of each type for each contact type
Redesigned Cumulative Bill with itemized charges
Redesigned Ledger with itemized charges, expenses, and payments
Improved System Speed for account balances, bills, and reports (10x faster)

v8.4 (5/14/2008)
(Contact Information screen same as v7.2)

Vacation/sick leave/time-off system for children and staff
Contact Journal with daily log and center event planner and tracker
Hour Type tracking and billing for Stay and Play, Lunch Bunch, etc.
Searchable User Defined Fields for children and staff, 40 fields for each contact type including 10 date, 10 number, 10 checkbox and 10 text fields
Drop Off Center Coupons user selectable coupons with $ off, % off, buy x hours, get y free, apply to selectable siblings, etc
Extra Classes with ability to assign classes to child accounts for selectable time periods and automatically charge
Discount Programs that credit tuition charges back to the account for association, scholarship, sibling discounting, etc

v7.8 (9/04/2007)
(Contact Information screen same as v7.2)

ACH and Credit Card Payment Processing through ReliaFund
Family level view shows all sibling and payee links for a family on 1 screen
Fingerprint Scanning for Timeclock (optional) lets staff, children, parents, and pickup persons sign in/out using their fingerprint to increase security and accuracy
Barcode expense charging lets drop off centers scan items into accounts, instead of manually entering them 1 at a time
Enhancements to Scheduling and Reporting include schedule exclusion list to enter changes to a fixed schedule instead of changing the schedule and new attendance reports
New billing styles include an additional step for threshold billing
New account rate history builder easily rebuilds a tuition based account regardless of rate change history

v7.2 (02/14/2007)


Quickbooks Pro Integration shares data between the DropInCare Sage and Quickbooks Pro
Discount Programs itemize all child discounts into their account for better accounting and simpler rate setup
Extra Classes automatically charge child accounts for additional paid classes (art class, swim class, etc)

Additional Account Summary Report for year end taxes
10 Searchable User Defined Fields

Meal Production Report calculates amount of food to purchase based on menus and children

New Billing Style for drop-off centers to charge different amounts based on how many siblings are at the center at the same time
Plus much more...

v6.7 (08/15/2006)


New Billing Styles including part-time daily change and non-scheduled day daily charge
Batch Rates to store pre-defined rates for classes/groups and copy/change rates in batch
Batch Schedules to store pre-defined schedules for classes/groups and change/store schedules in batch
Current and Future Scheduling to store schedules for any date period and any class used for future scheduling and capacity
Batch Timesheet Enhancements mark off meals consumed when schedules are copied to the timesheets
Timeclock Batch Functions
to sign in/out selectable groups of children/staff
Timeclock Midnight Cycle
to automatically sign children out at 11:59pm and sign then back in at 12:00am for 24 hour centers
Plus much more...

v3.3 (11/20/2005)


Account Ledger view
Payee links to share timesheets for responsible parties on an account
Quick account balance
Expense menu to quickly add expenses to accounts
Faster account processing
More attendance reports that show attendance history counts
Batch tuition skip and timesheet copy functionality

v3.2 (7/18/2005)


Sibling Links improved to combine balances
Improved tuition and copay balance tracking lets you enter any amount for copay/tuition payment
New Tab Layout and increased screen size for better improved information retrieval
Setup separate ID numbers for parents/pickup persons to track who picked the child up


v3.1 (2/15/2005)
(Contact Information screen same as v2.3)

CACFP Menu planning
Sibling Links
to let parents sign all of their children in/out at 1 time
Automatic Immunization scheduling
Batch Timesheets
Center Capacity and empty slot reports
Rate Wizard for step by step interactive set up of rates for each child/staff member

v3.0 (11/15/2004)
(Contact Information screen same as v2.3)

Ability to store immunization history (4 shots for each immunization)
Full Audio/Video Tutorials
for the entire system
Customize childcare form names and files

v2.40 (10/01/2004)
(Contact Information screen same as v2.3)

Tabs added to setup, report screens
Invoice Bill (more traditional parent bill)
Immunizations Due Report
Improvements to automatic paid marking system to allow payment editing

v2.35 (8/20/2004)
(Contact Information screen same as v2.3)

Post batch payments
Charge batch expenses for groups of children/staff
Track staff certifications
Print staff schedules
Attendance charts now include timesheet hours for center capacity and planning
Enhancements to center expense tracking including mileage and Time-Use % for home-based centers
Child emergency card including emergency contacts, doctor, dentist, and tracking for illnesses and conditions child is prone/allergies

v2.3 (7/16/2004)


Separate Copay balance tracking
4 password levels (view, change contact, accounting, system)
Detailed payments received reports

v2.25 (5/17/2004)
(Contact Information screen same as v2.2)

Labeled parent photos + 4 other pickup persons with photo/address/home,work,cell,beeper #'s
Enhancements to timeclock to allow daily comments

v2.2 (4/12/2004)


Threshold billing (FT/PT based on hours attended)
Prior balance added to childcare bills
Daily Billing option added for drop-off centers
Tuition charges added to Timesheet screen

v2.15 (2/18/2004)


Aesthetic changes to simplify rate setup
Addition of Immunization Dates
More relevant icons
Functionality for bi-weekly billing
Ability to open childcare forms and manuals from within DropInCare Sage without Microsoft Word
Evolutionary aesthetic changes

v2.1 (1/10/2004)
(Contact Information screen same as v2.0)

Improved daily attendance charts
Center expense tracking
Ability to insert center logo into bills, paysheets
Functionality to track copays for welfare/ccis

v2.0 (11/15/2003)


Unlimited sign in/outs for children/staff
2 prepaid periods per day to handle children attending before and after school
Improved network support of form letters and images
Ability to store and display photos of 4 pickup persons
Reports to print out and add raw timesheet hours for children/staff

v1.65 (9/01/2003)
(Contact Information screen same as v1.61)

USDA Meals Program support & reports
New fields include pickup persons and bus routes

v1.61 (7/31/2003)


Tuition bill printing
Bulk tuition and bill printing for all children/staff
New billing options include monthly/weekly billing, prepaid hours, and fixed cost per period billing which can all be setup independently of each other.
Batch cumulative bill statements
TimeClock Module to let parents/staff sign themselves in/out (Optional)

v1.5 (6/2003)


PDA Synchronization
Backup System
Tuition Billing system improved to handle semester/annual tuition in a set number of payments



v1.43 (5/2003)


Appointment System
Email System
Form Letter/Mail Merge System
Store Expenses (lunch, books, etc)
Store prior rates when rates are changed

v1.4 (4/2003)


Weekly/Daily/Hourly Billing
Staff Timesheets and Paysheets
Store Payments
Attendance Reports
Store Child Photo through Webcam
Contact/Child/Staff Profile Reports
Individual Billing Rates and systems for each child

v1.3 (12/2002)


Contact Information, Remarks
Childcare Center Information
Attendance Schedule
Tuition Based Billing System
Automatically Print Child’s Bill
Single Billing Rate for system

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