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Frequently asked questions about DropInCare Sage™

Q: How will your program help my drop-in childcare business?

A: Whether you run a 20 child small drop-in center or a 150 child large, multi-building facility, DropInCare Sage™ can easily automate most of the tasks you have to do to run your drop-in business.

To help with record keeping, it will store complete information for each child and their parents, including full contact information, photos, schedules, immunization histories, diets, allergies, and comments.

To help with attendance tracking, it includes a Timeclock program that lets parents and staff sign themselves in/out. The timeclock program also lets you leave messages for parents, leave general notes, and even allows parents to leave messages for you. To save you time and effort, the timeclock even lets you sign groups of children in and out all at once.

To help with billing, it automatically charges parent accounts for care, prints bills and takes payments. It can also let parents prepay when they drop off their childen by calculating childcare charges based on scheduled pickup times.

To help with payroll, it automatically calculates staff pay, and print paysheets, checks, and tax forms for the staff.

To help with bookkeeping, it will track all center expenses, includes a bank account register, and can print vendor checks. It can also run accounting reports to show you which children owe a balance, which staff you haven't paid, and what your income is.

To help with menu planning and the USDA meals program, it includes meal counting and menu planning functionality. It will check for CACFP compliance, and it will print menu charts and cacfp reimbursement charts.

To help you stay in touch with parents, it includes an appointment scheduler and functions to automatically create emails and form letters, including emailing bills to parents.

Finally, it includes numerous forms that you can print and give to parents.

The DropInCare Sage is complete and includes all of the functions you will ever need to run your center.

Q: I am a novice at using the computer. Is your program easy to use?

A: DropInCare Sage™ was designed to be easy to use. Our program doesn't have multi-layered menus or complex operating procedures. Each function is given a picture icon for easy reference. In addition, our timesheet screen is completely graphical and looks like a calendar for simplicity. Of course, DropInCare Sage™ also comes with tutorials, manuals, guides, and phone, online, and email support.

Q: I've seen other programs. How is yours different?

There are several Drop-In Childcare Management Systems out there, ranging in price from $150 per month to over $3,000.
Don't be deceived by some of our competitor's low "base" price. Their "base" price more than triples after you add in just a few of their modules, such as attendance tracking, accounts payable, and drop-in functionality.

Our software is not web-based, you install our software onto your computer, which means that you own the program, you own your data, and our software will continue to always work, even if your internet connection is slow or down. You also don't have to keep paying a monthly charge, every month, to use our software. Our program is based on Microsoft Access, (which we include with the software,) so there are never compability issues, and the only thing you need to run our software is a Microsoft Windows computer or a Mac which has windows installed on it.

DropInCare Sage™ is simple, comprehensive, and offers the most flexible billing options on the market. We believe that no matter how you bill at your center, the software you use should be able to accomodate you, not the other way around. Even in the unlikely event that our software cannot automate your center's billing, we are also the only package on the market that can customize the program's billing system to match any billing method at any center. (Custom billing functionality is available for a modest extra charge.)

By purchasing our software, you get all of these benefits at an unbeatable price. To show you the value of our software, we have put together comparison charts that compare DropInCare Sage to other leading Childcare Management systems. To view the chart, click here.

Q: What do I need to run the DropInCare Sage™ software program?

DropInCare Sage™ only runs on Microsoft Windows based machines. It can run on any pc, or a mac that has Microsoft Windows installed on it. Any computer from the last five years can run our program. Our software is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. We provide all the software you need to run our program. Minimally, you should have at least a Pentium IV machine with at least Windows XP and 256MB of RAM.

Q: What kind of support can I get?

We offer toll free phone support and email support for any issue relating to our software. We can also use GoToAssist or GoToMeeting to remotely log into your computer to demonstrate functions or diagnose problems. We give you complete access to our user forums where you can find answers to most of your questions. We provide you with full manuals, guides, and tutorials that explain how to use our program.

Q: How long have you been in business and how often do you release new versions?

We started in 2000. Our first DropInCare Sage sold in August 2002. We are growing by 10-15 centers per week. We generally release new versions every 6 months incorporating the suggestions that we receive from our users and new features we design through our market research and development.

Q: I'm ready to buy. What do I need to do?

We've made the buying process easy. You can order DropInCare Sage™ online from our homepage using a credit card. After your puchase, you can download DropInCare Sage™ right from the Internet, and we will also mail you a DVD-Rom package free of charge.

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