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One of the most important functions in any childcare management system is attendance tracking. Attendance tracking keeps a record of which children are and were at the center. The DropInCare Sage comes with a software timeclock that can run on any computer. We chose a software timeclock instead of a physical keypad because of price and functionality. Some of our competitors offer a physical keypad that you hang on the wall for parents and staff to sign in and out on. The general cost for the keypad is $500-$700. Using the keypad made sense years ago when computers cost $2000. Today, most centers have an older computer they can use for the timeclock, or they can purchase a suitable new computer for under $300. More important than price, the real benefit of a software timeclock is functionality. A physical keypad timeclock is just that, a piece of hardware that has limited functionality. A software timeclock is a program that can have unlimited functionality. Below is a list of functions in our timeclock. Do our competitor's physical keypads have these functions?

1) the ability to sign multiple siblings in/out at one time instead of entering each child's number
2) the ability to batch sign groups of children in and out instead of using their individual id numbers (for bus runs)
3) the ability to leave general messages such as "Happy Birthday to Johnny" or "Field Trip this Wednesday"
4) the ability to leave messages for selected parents such as "We still haven't received your field trip permission form"
5) the ability to edit timesheets in case someone forget to sign in or out
6) the ability to edit timesheets for children but not for staff, which can be used by staff to sign a child in/out whose parent forgot to
7) the ability to not allow specific parents to sign in but still display a message such as "You cannot sign in at this time because your bill is past due."
8) midnight cycle functions that automatically sign children and staff out at 11:59pm and back in at 12:00am if your center is open through midnight

Of course our timeclock can also control an electric door strike and interface with a fingerprint scanner to sign in and out.

Another important feature in our timeclock is that it can run on a computer not connected to the main DropInCare Sage program or computer. This is especially useful if the childcare center is in another building from the childcare office and no network is setup between the computers.

We have included a lot of functionality into the DropInCare Sage for using the attendance records including: billing, payroll, automatically marking which meals children had based on when they were at the center, and reviewing staffing and attendance patterns.

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