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DropInCare Sage Support

Even though our system is very user friendly, we offer full support for our software to make sure that it will help you run your childcare center. Our support plan includes toll-free phone support, regular phone support, email support, and we use both GoToMeeting and GoToAssist from citrix to answer any questions you may have. GoToMeeting lets us demonstrate how to do specific functions in our program from our computers, and GoToAssist lets us remotely access your computer (with your permission,) to show you how to do specific functions on your computer. Both require a high speed internet connection. Our support is available Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm, eastern time, and we are often in the office after hours.

The DropInCare Sage comes with 1 year of support and updates free of charge. Additional support (includes updates) can be purchased annually for a modest support fee. Our support plans are the least expensive among our competitors.

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