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DropInCare Sage is Affordable and Costs Much Less than the Competition

We receive many calls from centers looking for childcare management software. The number one question we are always asked is why is our software so much less expensive than our competitors? There are 2 reasons for our prices. The first is that software is expensive to create but much less expensive to support and update. Since we have been selling our software for over 12 years, we are now supporting and updating our software, which is less expensive, and we pass on the savings. The second reason is that you won't find our full page ads in every childcare magazine. Those ads are expensive and because we don't advertise that way, we pass along the savings.

The other obvious point is why should software to manage a childcare center cost thousands of dollars. Put another way, what other software to run a business costs thousands of dollars?

The value of our software goes far beyond its price. Our billing system is the most comprehensive and advanced on the market regardless of price. Our batch functionality is also more comprehensive than any other program on the market. Our features speak for themselves.

With our software, you are not only getting the best value, you are also getting the best software.

Since we don't have modules, we always like to compare prices fairly. Below is a list of modules and their prices that most users would need from iCare™ and Procare™ to run their centers:

$125 per month

Total: $1,500 per year

iCare™: (more than 120 children)
Professional Large ($2,595)
Drop In Module Large ($595)
Total: $3,190

Procare™: (more than 60 families)
Family Data ($695)
Family Accounting ($395)
Attendance Tracker ($395)
Agency Accounting ($195)
Employee Data ($495)
Payroll ($295)
Accounts Payable ($795)
Total: $3,265

DropInCare Sage™: (unlimited)

Total: $1,195

The prices speak for themselves!

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