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DropInCare Sage Doesn't Have Modules

We don't believe in modules. Modules are great for marketing and they do an excellent job of hiding the true cost of software. Our "professional software" competitors sell their programs in modules, reasoning that you shouldn't have to pay for modules you don't need, and that you can start small and purchase additional modules later. Offering features such as fingerprint scanning or door strike functionality in modules is reasonable, but what about billing parents, paying staff, tracking attendance, or tracking expenses? Most centers wind up buying similar modules, so why have modules for common functions?

Offering modules is also a great way to convince centers that cannot afford your software to get pieces of the software. You lock them into getting other modules later on, since they have already invested in your system. We always think of creeping prices when looking at modules. The idea is that a buyer adjusts what they want to spend by looking at additional options versus the total price. For example, if you are ready to spend $1500 on software, what's another $400 to get a needed function?

Below is a list of modules that Competitor "A" sells, which ones would you purchase?

1) Family Data
2) Family Accounting
3) Attendance Tracker
4) Employee Data
5) Accounts Payable
6) Payroll
7) USDA Food Program
8) Agency Accounting
9) Corporate Organizer
10) Quickbooks Integration

Below is a list of modules that Competitor "B" sells, which ones would you purchase?

1) Database / Center Manager
2) Family / Child Drawer
3) Staff Drawer
4) Accounts Receivable
5) Advanced Attendance / Billing
6) Custom Report Writer
7) Database Personalization Package
8) Accounts Payable
9) Payroll
10) General Ledger
11) Applicant/Waiting List Drawer
12) Childcare/Food Program
13) Networking
14) Insta-Merge
15) Timeclock
16) EZ-EFT
17) EZ2-Post

What other business software do you buy in pieces?

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